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Mosquito Funny Joke Prank

4.4 ( 1744 ratings )
Sviluppatore LOLriffic Stuff
11.99 USD

For entertainment purposes only!

Do you know the sound a mosquito makes as its buzzing nearby you ready to bite? That annoying buzz that really makes your hair stand up on edge as you look around for a mosquito to swat with your flyswatter?

With this Mosquito joke and prank app you can play a nasty joke on your friends, co workers, boss, enemies, or sisters and brothers as they try looking around for the mosquito and never know that its really your device making the noise!

Plus, it includes features like an innocently looking black screen, so theyll never suspect it and the ability to delay the mosquito buzzing by up to 60 minutes. Plus you can set the frequency of the mosquito buzzing from so often theyll be itching and feeling bites everywhere to that one little bug that wont let you get to sleep.

Keep the ringer on to ensure the prank sound effects play.